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Jumaat, 28 Januari 2011

proton satria R3

Apart from the five pahlawan cars, Proton also launched the new R3 logo.
This marks the rebranding of the R3 brand, a good move since R3 has a strong name in the enthusiast market.
Next to the Mivec sticker, the R3 sticker can be said as the second popular sticker among Proton enthusiastic owners.
Proton will be using the R3 brand for some versions of its model. This is similar to what Mercedes-Benz is doing with the AMG brand, or what Edaran Tan Chong Motors is doing with the Impul brand.
Two motorsport cars will be on display to carry the R3 brand during the show.
One is the Satria Neo S2000 rally car, the car that has managed to carry Proton's name back to the rally scene successfully and a concept Neo R3 car, with a turbocharged engine under that carbon-fibre hood.
Concept Neo R3 car
Proton's booth at KLIMS is the biggest and is located at the Tun Razak hall. There is also a Proton's design area where you can see their designers at work, a Lotus area where the Esprit prototype will be displayed along with the Lotus City Car Concept, the Evora S and the Exige Cup 260.

Proton is also having its green cars at the show. The Exora Extended Range Electric Vehicle (E-Rev) and the Saga Electric Vehicle (EV) are there to pleased the techno savvy visitors.

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